Motherhood Part 3

I am continuing to do my 5 part series for the MOTHERHOOD BLOG. Looking at the different aspects of motherhood; the highs, the lows and everything in between. I began reflecting on what kind of example I would be for my children. I needed to be in “The Word” to know what kind of example […]

Motherhood Part 2

Motherhood - His Words I Speak

As we go into Week 2 of my Motherhood blog, I decided to take a deeper look into “His Word” to see what the Lord had to say about motherhood. As always, it gave me much insight as I went straight to Mary, the mother of Jesus. What better example of motherhood could one get? […]

Motherhood Part 1

Motherhood - His Words I Speak

Mother’s Day will be upon us next month. So Debbie from the HWIS team has written about her experiences with motherhood.We will feature her blogs over the next 4 weeks which focus on the struggles and joys that come with being a mom; as well as; a look into what kind of mother Jesus had. […]


Relationships - His Words I Speak

This morning is not much different from most mornings. Quietly sitting with God as I prayed for all my loved ones. I asked Him to help me do His will for this day. As I sat praying for each one individually I started to wonder why some of those relationships seem so easy and others […]