This morning is not much different from most mornings. Quietly sitting with God as I prayed for all my loved ones. I asked Him to help me do His will for this day. As I sat praying for each one individually I started to wonder why some of those relationships seem so easy and others are often so very hard. I realized that most of the problems we face in life involve other people. We must all get along. From the time we are first born we are taught to get along with others. “Play well in the sand box,” was an expression I heard often as a young child. As we grow those relationships change from siblings and family members, to friends, teachers, employers, community, etc.. Almost every person we interact with in our day to day activities involves some sort of relationship.

As I thought about this more I started asking God to guide me to find answers as to how these relationships could improve. First He took me back into Genesis 4 where we read about Cain and Abel. This is a relationship about jealousy between two brothers that lead to murder. I think God wanted me to see how not having a proper relationship with someone, even a loved one, can and will destroy one another.

I started once more to dig deeper into “His Words.” God took me to Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15. Paul teaches us a lot about relationships through his writings. In verses 12 and 13 he tells us as Christians, followers of Christ, we now have a responsibility to lead. Leaders should be very hard workers. My grandfather use to tell me to “lead by example”. I think it was meant to keep me humble and not to become prideful. I believe God wants the same thing. Leaders have to be examples for all of us. When one has leadehip skills that is a gift from God. God’s leaders can relate to different personalities well because they listen to others needs; giving admiration when well deserved and structure when needed.

As followers in Christ our responsibilities to our Church leaders includes giving them respect. We are to esteem them and live in peace with them. Paul goes on in verses 14 and 15 about our actions and attitudes relating to others in our church families. I also believe this is meant for our relationships with our own families as well. Our actions should always be for the best interest of others not for our own selfish gain.

We should encourage the timid and help the weak see their own strength. God also wants us to warn those who do not have a fulfilling relationship with Christ, He doesn’t want us to be idle. Of course this is always meant in a loving manner to help them to take a look at themselves and their actions in order to help them grow in Christ.

Our attitudes toward others should always reflect love with much needed patience. Always a forgiving heart; showing kindness, mercy, and love with as much grace as God has shown us.

But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.
Ephesians 4:7


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