Mother’s Day will be upon us next month. So Debbie from the HWIS team has written about her experiences with motherhood.We will feature her blogs over the next 4 weeks which focus on the struggles and joys that come with being a mom; as well as; a look into what kind of mother Jesus had.

Today I recline in my soft chair snuggled under my favorite blanket in the comfort of my home. I sit quietly trying to connect with God. I breathe long deep breaths asking Him for joy for this day.

I soon catch myself smiling at the thought of motherhood and thinking that motherhood is probably the biggest joy in my life. Sure there were mistakes and failures I feel like I have made along the way, just as all moms feel at times. Yet, I still smile with joy as these sweet memories flood my thoughts.

So I started to wonder how other women feel about motherhood too.

So how about it moms, “What is YOUR biggest joy of being a mother?”


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