As we go into Week 2 of my Motherhood blog, I decided to take a deeper look into “His Word” to see what the Lord had to say about motherhood. As always, it gave me much insight as I went straight to Mary, the mother of Jesus. What better example of motherhood could one get?

Mary was very young when God placed His son, Jesus, into Mary’s womb. Her first words to God according to Luke 1:47 were “And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my savior.” I think back to my first pregnancy when the doctor told me the news. My first thoughts were not “rejoice in the Lord” like Mary replied. I was filled with anxiety and worry. Now don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to become a mother, after all that was all I ever wanted to be! But just like many of us, I had many doubts and fears of how someone like me could possibly know what to do with the tender life that was growing inside of me.

I am sure Mary felt some anxiety too, she was young, pregnant and not even married! Matthew 1:18 says “Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on the wise; when as his mother Mary was exposed to Joseph, before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.” Even though Mary had concerns, she trusted God and rejoiced.

Mary would have had the typical hopes and dreams every mom-to-be has for this new life she was carrying but she also knew that God had greater plans. God found favor in Mary and gave her a big dose of grace. She knew this child was a blessing and when I look back to my first pregnancy I wasn’t thinking of God first. I focused on fear not thankfulness.

It makes me realize that I was maybe a little selfish by telling God my dreams of how badly I wanted to be a mother and when he answered that prayer, I didn’t thank Him right away. When I heard those words from my doctor “you’re pregnant” I didn’t go to Him with thanksgiving. I focused more on the human side of things and began to have self-doubt. I had fears of what kind of mom I’d actually be to my child. Once I was able to get over the initial shock, I was then able to pour my heart out to Him with thankfulness.

To all the mothers and moms-to-be, ask yourself when you first heard those famous words from your doctor “You’re Pregnant!”, what was your first thought?
Were you like me or were you like Mary?


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