I am continuing to do my 5 part series for the MOTHERHOOD BLOG. Looking at the different aspects of motherhood; the highs, the lows and everything in between.

I began reflecting on what kind of example I would be for my children. I needed to be in “The Word” to know what kind of example Mary was to Jesus. She was obviously a wonderful example of motherhood. She first began by showing us that she depended on God through her faith, moment by moment.

Mary watched Jesus grow through His life and her heart was broken for Him, wishing things would have been different for Him. Of course she saw many people who loved Him but she also witnessed so much hate for Him, especially those who were seated in authority. This is enough to make the heart of any mother ache!

This would be so difficult for a parent to watch! Personally I would have been worried sick thinking and fearing the worst for my son. Yet Mary demonstrates how a mother should care for their child.

She nurtured Him as He grew but she also gave Him freedom to be responsible for His own gifts that were God given. She prayed and let Him be who He was meant to be. A great example of this is Luke 2:41-52, Jesus was only 12 after after the feast of the passover; He was missing from Mary for 3 days. I’m sure she had a moment of panic right? See even Mary, the best motherly example in history was not perfect, she went away and left the savior of the world behind. When He was found He was in the temple preaching! Even when Mary didn’t know where her son was, her son was right where He needed to be.

There is a fine line of what a mother wants for her child and actually letting them grow up to become who God intends them to be. We sometimes feel proud that we did something right; maybe even giving ourselves a pat on the back. But in reality it is God’s plan all along.

Moms, ask yourself what kind of example are you for your children?
Or what kind of example do you WANT to be for your children?
Do you try to mold your children into what YOU think they should be or do you allow God to grow and mature into who He intended them to be?


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