I am continuing with post 4 of my Mother’s Day Blog. Finding the freedom to let Go and let God.

Many of us as mothers want to believe our children can do anything. Trust me, that does not mean I didn’t expect my children to not make mistakes. As a mom, I aimed to recognize mistakes and gently point them out along the way. I know for myself, as a young mother I wanted to give my children love, confidence and reassurance. I wanted them to have hopes and dreams of their own, and with guidance become the men that God created them to be.

Mary shows us this confidence in John chapter 2 in the story where Jesus turns water in wine at the wedding feast. Mary goes to Jesus with confidence that He will take care of the situation. Jesus says in John 2:4 “Woman what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.” Jesus knew it was not His time to reveal Himself to others as to who He truly was. He loved his mom and knew her heart and thoughts. And Mary knew that her son would do the right thing. She was optimistic and confident in the faith she had for her son. She knew He would do everything that God had planned; just as God had instructed Jesus to do.

How often do we as parents try to control a situation? Let’s give our children the reassurance and confidence to grow into adults by letting God be our guide.

How much control are you willing to let go of in order to give your children the freedom to allow God to help them achieve their hopes and dreams in their own hearts?


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