Love More Deeply

Love More Deeply

“A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” – John 13:34 This scripture really got me thinking about the way I love people, the meaning of love and Jesus as our example. In the English dictionary the definition of love […]

Motherhood Part 5

This is the last post of my Mother’s Day series. Today we will look at Mary again and what kind of mother she was. The more I read about Mary, the more I realized how supportive she was of her son. Our children need and deserve our unconditional love and support. Mary supported Jesus in […]

Motherhood Part 4

I am continuing with post 4 of my Mother’s Day Blog. Finding the freedom to let Go and let God. Many of us as mothers want to believe our children can do anything. Trust me, that does not mean I didn’t expect my children to not make mistakes. As a mom, I aimed to recognize […]

Motherhood Part 3

I am continuing to do my 5 part series for the MOTHERHOOD BLOG. Looking at the different aspects of motherhood; the highs, the lows and everything in between. I began reflecting on what kind of example I would be for my children. I needed to be in “The Word” to know what kind of example […]

Motherhood Part 2

Motherhood - His Words I Speak

As we go into Week 2 of my Motherhood blog, I decided to take a deeper look into “His Word” to see what the Lord had to say about motherhood. As always, it gave me much insight as I went straight to Mary, the mother of Jesus. What better example of motherhood could one get? […]

Motherhood Part 1

Motherhood - His Words I Speak

Mother’s Day will be upon us next month. So Debbie from the HWIS team has written about her experiences with motherhood.We will feature her blogs over the next 4 weeks which focus on the struggles and joys that come with being a mom; as well as; a look into what kind of mother Jesus had. […]


Relationships - His Words I Speak

This morning is not much different from most mornings. Quietly sitting with God as I prayed for all my loved ones. I asked Him to help me do His will for this day. As I sat praying for each one individually I started to wonder why some of those relationships seem so easy and others […]

The God Connection

I sit here thinking about the women God has put in my life. These women are amazing to me. Some have gone to heaven, some God has called to greater purpose, others He has brought back into my life, and some have left for reasons I may not totally understand. Then we have those amazing […]