Waiting…. May 15, 2018 I always think I can do more than I should be doing, I don’t realize it’s only been a few days since the surgery. I went downstairs to the shower thinking I could do it all myself. It didn’t go well, I ended up wrapped in a towel trying to get […]

Enjoying the Life God Designed for Me

Mother’s day is always a difficult day for me. In my heart of hearts, I truly believed that one day God would bless me with children of my own. Every year on Mother’s Day, I’m reminded that I don’t have the children. As much as I have wanted to, I have never had the opportunity […]

Treatment Begins

May 8, 2018 Treatment begins. It’s the day of surgery. I have been awake for a while, praying for calmness, reading Psalms and some devotionals. I am okay. I know He is with me. John 16:33 says “ I have told you all this so that you will have peace of heart and mind. Here […]